Monday, February 3, 2020

PMP application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

PMP application - Essay Example I laid out an effective technical plan as to how system upgrades and server migration would take place. I served as the liaison to internal and external auditors. I chaired the monthly patch review meeting. In the execution phase, I directed the system administrators make a journal that would record all changes being made to the desktop systems so that we could recover in case of a mistake. I held meetings on daily basis to keep a track of every step. My company wanted to move to a server which had different PHP deployment method. I created, on the destination server, duplicates of each extra SSH/SFTP user, database and application that were on the original server, copied all files to the destination server, and created DNS overrides for the testing part. I told my teammates to make entries in the website to access the content of destination server. I told them how to upgrade the DNS overrides to point to the migrated server. Lastly, we waited for these changes to propagate, and clea red the original server. I was responsible for the first four phases of project management in this project. I helped my teammates with the concept development for the website. I defined the purpose, stakeholders, the basic outline of the organization’s biases, limitations and initial requirements, and the deliverables. I analyzed the executive requirements, business benefits and goals, implementation requirements, functional and financial requirements, infrastructure requirements, and technical analysis and design which included an analysis of the hardware and software tools needed. I, along with other members, wrote down the briefs, set the milestones, and assigned tasks. After briefing the client visually, I laid down basic components of the website and plotted out how they were going to work along. Risk evaluation was one important step in which I balanced the project’s time and cost. I created the staging environment and began the production guide to which I added all the

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