Tuesday, February 18, 2020

No topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 48

No topic - Essay Example The steps taken by Hitler that started the World War II were attempts to the terms created by the treaty of Versailles. The treaty of Versailles weakened Germany by creating economic problems, reducing Germanys trade with other nations and causing unemployment and Germany. The treaty of Versailles took German territory after which it imposed an unpopular government on Germany. Hitler was fighting to change all these problems caused by the treaty of Versailles when he took the actions that led to the World War II. Hitler wanted to remove the democratic government and make Germany powerful both economically and militarily. Hitler also wanted to make Germany powerful geographically and unite the Germans. Most Germans wanted to reverse the effects of the World War I treaty. Therefore, Hitler gained much support from the German people. The desire to remove the Treaty of Versailles and restore Germany led to the rise of Hitler and fascism in Germany. If the delegates who created the treaty of Versailles wanted peace in Europe, they would have been more concerned with the future of Europe rather than punishing Germany. The treaty of Versailles was very towards Germany and made Hitler and the German people to rise against it thus resulting to World War II (Kitchen par.

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