Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Juvenille ofenders in criminal court Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Juvenille ofenders in criminal court - Essay Example This bias towards punishment and not rehabilitation is expressed by McCollum (as quoted in Redding 92) in support of the Federal law. The changes mean to satisfy concerns, increase juvenile justice efficiency and curb growth in juvenile offending. National transfer efforts make 2 percent of juvenile delinquency cases caused by judge’s willingness to transfer, large numbers of offenders and less treatment options in the juvenile system. J.S. Attorney General Janet Reno (as quoted in Redding 93) asserts that behind this response is unexplained delinquency characterized by sharp increment in violent index crimes. The transfer consequences for juveniles stated in Kent v. United States 1966 are longer prison sentences, loss of juvenile protective and rehabilitative possibilities, potential abuse in adult prisons and loss of rights associated with felony convictions. Other sanctions include loss of voting and firearm rights; ineligibility for military service; felony record and declaration of felony status on employment; negative influence on future criminal processing, prosecutions and sentencing; and exposure t o capital punishment. As the US Department of Justice 1999 stated (Redding 121), effects of transferring juvenile offenders have not been clear with studies showing short term actual increase in recidivism and society reintegration problems. Transfer policies must be enacted to ensure a smooth transition and justice be served in a fair manner. Purposes of transfer such as deterrence and community protection have not been achieved as formal criminal processing, conviction and sentencing seem to have little merit and many adverse consequences. Transfers don’t seem to promote community protection and decrease juvenile offender reformation (Redding 95). This means that a new approach in reference to the transfer of the juveniles must be evaluated to ensure protection of the community is enhanced by the judicial system. Penology policies to counter this

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