Thursday, November 21, 2019

Current issues in human rights - War, genocide, mass human rights Essay

Current issues in human rights - War, genocide, mass human rights violations - Essay Example ted Nations (1948), this document has provided a blueprint for the development of various international laws and criminal courts against individuals who have the high genocide responsibilities. Countries such as Serbia, Guatemala, the former Soviet Union and even Rwanda have experienced genocide in the 20th century and such crimes have been punished based on the provisions of this convention. The convention has various articles which highlight the level of responsibility of each and every country’s leadership in ensuring that genocide and crimes against humanity are prevented at all costs. For example, chapter 4 states that every individual, state or non-state actor shall be held individually responsible for abetting, financing, directly and indirectly participating and being complacent in genocide activities. Such provisions have assisted in ensuring that individuals are brought to book for allowing and participating in activities that are equivalent to genocide in different parts of the world. The international tribunal for Kosovo and Rwanda were all constituted on the premise of the genocide convention to try various cases of genocide against religious and tribal groups. This document is a conclusive documentation of the articles of the convention that has defined genocide and abuse of human rights as we know it today. Though changes have been done to the convention, the United Nations (1948) is an important document that has informed the decision of other international bodies and help in reducing incidence of abuse of human rights in the presence or absence of crisis. In the study of human rights and genocide, the United Nations (1948) provides an accurate historical encounter of how a convention that has defined international behavior of those in power was developed. This document has significantly contributed to the development of various tribunals aimed at providing justice to victims of genocide in countries such as Rwanda Kosovo where rampant human

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